Congratulations, kudos, praise and general merriment goes to...


dougw1234 medium default profile image

For winning the Coffee Mug giveaway!!!

The sponsor, Logoz Custom T Shirts, will get up to 230 karma for delivering the prize!

Plus many more Prizemojo winners...

Winner! Giveaway Sponsored By
Lauren, AR (AKA: Loin)
Enter to win a 3 pack of Mice Toys for Cats! YourStarPet
Jacqueline, MD (AKA: JacKillin)
FREE Printed Socks! Bandana Fever Designs
Matthew, SD (AKA: JuxtaPosed)

Fantastic shirt, high quality with great-funny art. And delivery was quick, I didn't have to wait long at all to get my prize. Two thumbs up!

Stay Wild Sea Turtle Stay Wild Fan Club Shirts
Richard, TX (AKA: TxSam)
Enter to win a 3 pack of Mice Toys for Cats! YourStarPet
Ginger, TX (AKA: Ginger G)
Enter to win a free Personalized Pet ID Tag! YourStarPet
Tessa, OH (AKA: AllOfMyLoveTess)

Thank you so much! Arrived quickly, very well packaged, and exactly as described! <3 Winter Sparkle Bling Necklace Giveaway Authentic Bags Only
HEATH, SD (AKA: hdaum)
Who needs friends when you have Friday? Wanderlink
Nancy, PA (AKA: GryphonCat)
Forever in My Heart Cat Crazy
Jennifer, UT (AKA: Bosto)

Very pretty necklace! My wife loved it

Bosto Winter Bling Giveaway Authentic Bags Only
Dawn, MA (AKA: Chaosdawn)
Tangential talk of this True Timber Tank Top Prizemojo
Jacqueline, Md (AKA: JacKillin)
Feste natalizie 2018/2019 Orologi da uomo
Lauren, AR (AKA: Loin)
Pictures are forever Sacred Ori
Stephanie, AL (AKA: Dearmanica)

I can’t wait to use it!! I’m so excited!!

Dearmanica: Winner, medium sized public photo
REK Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick Giveaway REK Cosmetics
Katie, NJ (AKA: Kazdeya)
Have no fear, the time for FREE gear is HERE! Panda Clothing Company
Daniel, TX (AKA: Softmoron)
New Customer Drive Phone Case Supply Center
Mike, PA (AKA: MikeTV3708)
Yippy Sippy Startup Yippy Sippy
Mike, PA (AKA: MikeTV3708)
Free Single Serving Pod Yippy Sippy
Justin, WI (AKA: Justin)

Great! Even included some extras for my daughters!

December's Giveaway Diva Accessories N More

Thanks for the prize
There are better ways to uncover a rival spy network Wanderlink
Johanna lozada (Forfeit )
Legacy Hoodie legacy 27
Tessa, OH (AKA: AllOfMyLoveTess)
Cloud 9 Candle Day Of The Dead Scented Candle Giveaway Cloud 9 Candles did not deliver the prize :(
TwistedYorkie (Forfeit )
Dust 2 Diamonds Giveaway QueenPen Shops
Sara, SD (AKA: SekaStar)
Winter is Coming!! Official Kosko Merch did not deliver the prize :(
Chelsea, CA (AKA: ChelsWels)

Never arrived

Smart Ring smart bluetooth world did not deliver the prize :(
Dawn, MA (AKA: Chaosdawn)
This week's giveaway fiplat did not deliver the prize :(
Sue, MA (AKA: Su3)

I won the Cyber Monday Mobile Phone Holder Giveaway . My phone slides in nice and easy. Holds the phone tightly. Thank You For The Prize! I Love It!

Su3: Winner, medium sized public photo
Cyber Monday Mobile Phone Holder Giveaway 10 Day Deals
Daniel, OR (AKA: thisguy)
Be Mighty with ALL MIGHT! Gabe's Geekdom did not deliver the prize :(
Samantha, RI (AKA: Sammy30228)
NEW YEAR NEW YOU! Skyhigh Beauty
Simone, SC (AKA: geektastic)
Cloud 9 Candle Scented Candle Giveaway Cloud 9 Candles
Tiffany Ann (Forfeit )
Holiday Prize up for grabs! Jadeline Clothing Company
Ariel, AL (AKA: Aardvark Tees)
No More Being Embarrassed To Take Your Shoes Off! 1630 Natural Skin & Body Care
Jacey, OR (AKA: tapindancer)

These were never sent to me. 😥

I Love Weed So Much I Wear It. K and B Vape Co. did not deliver the prize :(
Tera, AR (AKA: T85girl)

It was more beautiful in person! has other Gorgeous items available as well. Thank you Prizemojo and QueenBeeCrystals!

Boom Chakra Lacka! Queen Bee Crystals
Twinmom14 (Forfeit )
Black Friday Giveaway Silverlined Apparel
Jacey, OR (AKA: tapindancer)

These glasses are so fun! Thanks so much!

Eyes Of The Future Clear About This
Marcus, co (AKA: CaptainOkena)
Anime is Sexy, Sexy is Anime, How about a Sexy Anime Girl! Gabe's Geekdom did not deliver the prize :(
erica, MA (AKA: erica)
A sampling of random scents for one random winner Prizemojo
Jacey, OR (AKA: tapindancer)

They never sent this to me :(

The Best Christmas Gift Ever!! Custom Kids Furniture did not deliver the prize :(
Ryan, MO (AKA: fifisdead)

We were pleasantly surprised by how much we enjoyed using this little pipe!

99 Problems But a Pipe Aint One. K and B Vape Co.
Tony, NC (AKA: tcar)

Cute earrings, shipped quickly, and came with a bonus. Thanks for the giveaway!

Rudolph With Your Nose So Bright!!! Pike Creek Boutique
Sheri, FL (AKA: Sheri)
Life is Better in Wax K and B Vape Co.
Penny, NY (AKA: Penny tanyi)
Great Dane Dog Lover Signs by SalaGraphics
Penny tanyi (Forfeit )
GET IT FREE Holix Mall
Roy, CO (AKA: rwc)

Nice fit, probably not the best protection but it looks sooo fly!

rwc: Winner, medium sized public photo
The Best Decade EVER. Don't @me... Phone Garb
TwistedYorkie (Forfeit )
Home for the holidays... time to diet! Clean & Healthy
Howell, MA (AKA: leedhowell)
Tidewater Watch Giveaway TidewaterCollections did not deliver the prize :(
Annaboger (Forfeit )
TAG! You're It! Fortnite T-Shirt Giveaway Aardvark Tees
Benjamin, OK (AKA: Benjimoto)

Never shipped item and never responded to any of the messages I sent. That's a huge chunk of my kid's Christmas presents they won't be getting >: (

Cerveri Exchange CerveriExchange did not deliver the prize :(
Janet, PA (AKA: Janet OBrien)

I have never received the Prize that I won!

Janet OBrien
Seductive Scorpio Season Frvje did not deliver the prize :(
Tessa, OH (AKA: AllOfMyLoveTess)
1 Year Anniversary Giveaway Heavy Flex did not deliver the prize :(
Anthony, TN (AKA: LoganMc)
We're Moving! Let's Celebrate Sirius Lee Boutique
Daniel, TX (AKA: Softmoron)

Thank you Wanderlink, as always, your board game contributions to Prize Mojo are the ones I look forward to the most!

A fun way to not build a real city Wanderlink
Jack, NJ (AKA: Kazdeya)
GIVEAWAY FOR FIRST LAUNCHING Muscle Breaker did not deliver the prize :(
Alexandra, TX (AKA: sascja)

Very unique and cool item!

Dachshund Goodies DachshundDirect
Shay, SD (AKA: Shashashay)

It is a lot bigger then expected! I really like! They also were super nice and keep me up to date when it would arrive! Thank you!

Shashashay: Winner, medium sized public photo
Veganism Rules Vegan Home Beautiful
Denise, PA (AKA: Denharty)

It's more than a month and I never received the prize. nor did I hear anything from the sponsor.

ISLANDLUX Island Luxury Clothing did not deliver the prize :(
Matt, SD (AKA: mr.johnson)
Who Else Likes To Win Free Prizes? Faith Shoppe
Tom, TX (AKA: d0gma)

These look SO GOOD! Too good to actually eat?!

d0gma: Winner, medium sized public photo
Intergalactic, planetary, planetary, intergalactic Vintage Confections custom lollipops and novelty sweets
Ben, MI (AKA: bhputnam)

Great, love them!

Tumbling Into Fall Two to Seven
Anne Marie, CA (AKA: Anne Marie Carter)
GrandOpening Salita’s Botique
Rebecca, LA (AKA: Rebecca Wilshire)

Thank you so much, I am having a hard time trying to save it for Halloween!!

Rebecca Wilshire
GHOULISH GOODIES Discount healthplus products center
Scott, OH (AKA: Cormacc)

Great doormat, just in time for Halloween. Thank You

halloween Mat Giveaway PersonalThrows
Kaylee, SD (AKA: kayleet123)

I love this shirt! It’s great quality and fit, was perfectly packaged, and arrived way sooner than I expected. Thanks Pike Creek Boutique!

kayleet123: Winner, medium sized public photo
Knock Knock.. Hoo's There? Pike Creek Boutique
Benjamin, UT (AKA: Bosto)

These are almost too pretty to eat!

Bosto: Winner, medium sized public photo
You can own the Solar System! Vintage Confections custom lollipops and novelty sweets
Lacey, SD (AKA: sedeara)
WHO DOESN'T LIKE TO BE A WINNER coffee-chef did not deliver the prize :(
Roy, CO (AKA: rwc)

Has not arrived.

THE CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG coffee-chef did not deliver the prize :(
Brandon, MI (AKA: barmecide)
barmecide: Winner, medium sized public photo
Baby Girl Accessory MeNene Store
Steven, WI (AKA: papiklfish)
Strut Your Confidence Girl -- Enter to win this T-shirt Glitz and Style did not deliver the prize :(
Chelsea, CA (AKA: ChelsWels)
ChelsWels: Winner, medium sized public photo
Strawberry Jingle Bell Harness! Wow, this is nice!
GJ, MO (AKA: Elf_Ninja)
A fun way to die repeatedly without dying repeatedly Wanderlink
Rachel, AR (AKA: MoonRaven22)

These wax melts all smell A-MAZING! Great prize!

Get your daily dose of wax! Closet Full of Wax
Frank, NY (AKA: PapaFrank)

It's been over 30 days and nothing has arrived yet.

WIN A FREE PRIZE !! NO STRINGS ATTATCH !! Smart World Store did not deliver the prize :(
Megan, SD (AKA: meganfae)

never arrived. :(

"I was born with my heart on my sleeve, a fire in my soul and a mouth I can't control" Kayveeco did not deliver the prize :(
Eric, SD (AKA: ericm)


A super power for your super story Prizemojo
Lacey, SD (AKA: sedeara)
Get Stress free with Aromatherapy tagsparrow
Brian, Ks (AKA: xexzy)
🚨GAWDY GIVEAWAY 🚨 UpsideDown did not deliver the prize :(
Jaymz, TX (AKA: wxactly)

Thank you! Really nice rustic frame - can’t wait to find the right photo and get this on my wall!

AGO Rustic Farmhouse Frame Giveaway Flint River Decor
Sara, SD (AKA: SekaStar)
First of Our Weekly Giveaways! Runs 9/7 through 9/9 midnight CST!! Winner announced Monday 9/10 8pm! PuppyLoveStuffDeals did not deliver the prize :(
Lydia E, PR (AKA: Smiley)
Free Watch Clockwatcher | Stylish Mens Watches At Affordable Prices
Nancy, PA (AKA: GryphonCat)

Hooray! Kitty's on its way... They had trouble with the website but did what they could to get in touch with me. Good job!

It's a Cat's life Get The Gear Now!
Mike, AL (AKA: geekymike)

Now my family and I can conquer the universe and eat pasta! Thanks so much for the prizes!

Space combat, building, trading but definitely not pasta Wanderlink
Jonathan, WA (AKA: quozl)

I never received any communication about this nor did I receive the DVD.

August Giveaway did not deliver the prize :(
Mark, MN (AKA: Mark Lundberg)
Rainbows are a LGBTQ+'s best friend!
Lauren, ar (AKA: Loin)
Sarah, VA (AKA: SugarShark)

This never arrived, and their page shows that they never even bothered to ship it.

Your Grip Is Weak. Let Me Help You! Critical Muscle did not deliver the prize :(
Michael, OH (AKA: Sharpicus)

I never received the product and was not contacted in any way shape or form, I won August 1st and at this time it is September 5th

Welcome sun Sun is my Friend did not deliver the prize :(
Daniel, OR (AKA: thisguy)

Very nice shirt and arrived very quickly, my wife loves it

thisguy: Winner, medium sized public photo
PureDesignTees T-Shirt Giveaway PureDesignTees
Ben, MI (AKA: bhputnam)
Klassy K-9 Wow, this is nice!
Stephanie, AL (AKA: Dearmanica)

I finally got it after I waited a month. it is nice but i didn't like the wait; they only said anything after I had said that I didn't receive it.

COOL SUMMER Discount healthplus products center did not deliver the prize :(
Patrick, NJ (AKA: PJS27)

Awesome prize! Just as described. Sizes run a little small. Received very quickly.

Identifying and embracing a cat-atosis diagnosis Prizemojo
Nancy, PA (AKA: GryphonCat)

A perfect sticker! Quality vinyl and a clear, sharp print meant that I had a great gift for my veterinarian, who raises and shows Great Danes!

Great Dane Lover Signs by SalaGraphics
Paul, WA (AKA: mrptfb)

Never received my item. This sponsor tried to force me to buy something to redeem my prize. Total scam.

iPhone Case Giveaway EleventhWorld did not deliver the prize :(
Dan, PA (AKA: civilclash)

Second prize I've won; once again the sponsor did not deliver the promised prize. Would have been delivered via email, checked my spam, but no dice.

Feeling Lucky? Enter Our GiveAway For Your Chance to Get a Free Minecraft for Windows 10 Key ! DIGICODES - Buy CD Keys & Digital Codes did not deliver the prize :(
Jackie, IA (AKA: Lapanui)

Great looking shirt and very fast response and shipping. Keep up the great work!

Gainz Day Giveaway The Iron Cowboy
Joliza, VA (AKA: sanaaflipz)
You're going to "Want to Believe" this! Mugz, Tumblerz & More
Denise, PA (AKA: Denharty)

Arrived fast! Love it!

Army Jacket for her L Boutique Online llc
Benjamin, OK (AKA: Benjimoto)
Are you a fan of white noise? Only Ambiance Youtube
Katie, NJ (AKA: Kazdeya)

I did end up receiving the prize; which was as described, it just took about 2 months to arrive.

Free Totoro LED light did not deliver the prize :(
Aaron, NC (AKA: Ader314)

Great sponsor! Awesome prize and quick shipping.

Why you should never stay in abandoned cabins Wanderlink
Simone, SC (AKA: geektastic)

I waited 3 months hoping it would ship! No response from the sponsor in that entire time.

Happy Birthday USA! Needlework Fool did not deliver the prize :(
Robert, IL (AKA: )

Been a month and not a word from the sponsor. Just another sponsor looking to promote their site with no intention of giving away a prize.

Camera Lens Kit huuloc did not deliver the prize :(
Travis, MN (AKA: neodawg)
Save a life sweepstakes emergeandseelight
Olivia, NY (AKA: oddiogua)

This prize did not arrive within 1 month

Get a free Austrian Crystal Long Stud Earrings TheCShop did not deliver the prize :(
Howell, MA (AKA: leedhowell)
Make your panda friend jealous Prizemojo
Michael, PA (AKA: MikeTV3708)
Nothing shady about these shades! Bazaar68
Lacey, SD (AKA: sedeara)

What a great monthly "club" -- something that is useful rather than just piling up the clutter for the sake of getting something in the mail.

sedeara: Winner, medium sized public photo
It's Fun to be Prepared! of the Month Club My Magical Book Store
Vincent, OH (AKA: Starlost)

Really nice shirt! I get a smile from everyone who sees it. Very good quality soft fabric. Sizes run a bit small, so you may want to order a size up.

Space Invaders - After It Was Cool but Before It Was Cool Again Prizemojo
Nicholas, IA (AKA: ahlhelm)

Never got it. Kinda sucks.

Get it all in one bag! Flying Toddler did not deliver the prize :(
Jaclyn, Md (AKA: jacki.mabel)
YELLOW PEN The फटफटी Store did not deliver the prize :(
Nancy, PA (AKA: GryphonCat)

The pink heart pendant is bright and adorable, and it came with a nice strong neck chain. I am delighted with it! EDIT: Sadly, their website is gone.

FREE Heart Crystal Pendant Necklace My Ninja Store
debra, PR (AKA: debbie3)

excellent sunglasses, more than expected A+ so happy :)

PRE-Opening Giveaway!!! Sun Luvn Shades
Eugenie, MA (AKA: wizardewu)

I love the ring that I won from Sun Luvn Shades. It's has a nice sparkle to it.

wizardewu: Winner, medium sized public photo
Pre-Opening Welcome GIVEAWAY Sun Luvn Shades
Daniel, OR (AKA: thisguy)

Very nice pendent well made and Millie's Little Corner was very polite

thisguy: Winner, medium sized public photo
Mother's Day Giveaway!!! Millie's Little Corner
Robert, IL (AKA: )
Mothers Day fast approching, Mothers Day Free Gift Bara Jan Store
Justin, WI (AKA: Justin)
Manila: The original board game Wanderlink
Jessica, ID (AKA: jessmurp)

These bath bombs smell amazing! And they leave my skin feeling really soft and moisturized :)

Time to Relax Luxe Emporium Giveaway Luxe Emporium Bath and Body
Stephanie, AL (AKA: Dearmanica)

I love it and can’t wait to start using it!!

Dearmanica: Winner, medium sized public photo
EASTER 2018 Giveaway!! Women's Care Solutions
Kathleen, MA (AKA: Kat)
Backpack Giveaway Flying Toddler
Tom, TX (AKA: d0gma)
Your next smoke session is on us. Duggin Smoke
Tera, AR (AKA: T85girl)

The item never shipped and never arrived.

Power Floss Future Depot did not deliver the prize :(
Amber, NV (AKA: Amber L)
A whole lot of signs for any place and time Prizemojo
Jinnifer, AL (AKA: Jinnifer Hulsey)
Your Inner Goddess is in Bloom Life Enthusiast did not deliver the prize :(
Tynan, NY (AKA: TopCat)
Massage Magic Stretcher Fitness Equipment Stretch Herbarify did not deliver the prize :(
Nemz, WI (AKA: Nemz)

Prize never delivered. Attempted to contact sponsor twice without success. Unfortunate.

Giveaway Getting-to-know-you Twin Lakes Boutique did not deliver the prize :(
Tessa, OH (AKA: AllOfMyLoveTess)

Received headphones in great condition! Perfect timing too since my usual headphones completely died on me legit 2 hours prior to delivery!

Hear it LOUD & clear! ROCKS! Get this freebie with FREE shipping (U.S. Only) Tree Hugger Boutique
Russell, TX (AKA: feo2)

Shirt looks and feels great. Love the design. Only problem is its one size smaller than advertised I got an XL shirt and it fits like a L shirt.

Mad Shirt Monday - February Giveaway Comet Culture
Dan, PA (AKA: civilclash)

No delivery or communication. Web site now has nothing to do with shirts; can't say I'm surprised. Seems like a fake site willing to take your money.

good ol boy t-SHIRT Goodolboy T-Shirts did not deliver the prize :(
Rebecca, Mn (AKA: Becca)
Accessories....wear it, share it, love it! WIN THIS WITH FREE SHIPPING TOO! (U.S. ONLY) Tree Hugger Boutique
Patrick, NJ (AKA: PJS27)
A Tool You Can Use! Camping Gear Plus did not deliver the prize :(
Tera, AR (AKA: T85girl)

It NEVER arrived. I reached out to the sponsor twice, had no response which caused anxiety. I hope something will come of it. As of right now, NOTHING

Grand opening giveaway!!! Want it alll did not deliver the prize :(
Katie, NJ (AKA: Kazdeya)
Droptab's Stylish Watch Giveaway Droptab did not deliver the prize :(
Eugenie, MA (AKA: wizardewu)
DropTab's Grand Beginnings Givaway Droptab did not deliver the prize :(
Dawn, MA (AKA: Chaosdawn)

4 weeks, 2 messages and no prize, no response.

Black Panther Boxed Tee GIveaway Nextdoor Superhero did not deliver the prize :(
Lacey, SD (AKA: sedeara)
If you love your bike... Let us ring your bell! Urban Bike Parts did not deliver the prize :(
A. L., AR (AKA: A.L.)

Sponsor did not deliver prize. Am very disappointed.

Feeling Lucky? Bearded Heroes did not deliver the prize :(
Lori, TX (AKA: Zulekia)
Weekly giveaway contest someone long forgotten..., did not deliver the prize :(
Harry, NC (AKA: Harry Barbee)
Volleyball Player Fun Signs by SalaGraphics
Olivia, NY (AKA: oddiogua)

It's been quite over a month and the prize has not arrived yet. I look forward to leaving a better review when and if it arrives!

Droptab's Fountain Pen Giveaway Droptab did not deliver the prize :(
Simone, SC (AKA: geektastic)

I love my necklace!! Thanks so much!

Calling All Earth Angels Heirs of Heaven
Laura, SD (AKA: earthdaisy)

They provided awesome tracking info! Shirt looks just like pic. Got here much more quickly than I expected and is great quality. Very satisfied!!!

Mad Shirt Monday Comet Culture
Corey, MN (AKA: Disembodiedfoot)

This is in great shape and will be an awesome addition to my game collection! Thanks!

Disembodiedfoot: Winner, medium sized public photo
Dos Rios board game (It's a rescue...) Wanderlink
Daniel, OR (AKA: thisguy)

I won this for my wife as she loves our rescued Pitbull and she loves the mug too.

thisguy: Winner, medium sized public photo
Coffee, compliments, pitbulls = help rescues! rescueshavemorefun
Tessa, OH (AKA: AllOfMyLoveTess)
Who's Afriad? Book! The Book Crate did not deliver the prize :(
Leah, SD (AKA: Leah)

Never received.

STOP LAYING ON THE GROUND! Eaglesong Supply did not deliver the prize :(
Lath, CA (AKA: Lath)
MLK Day Give Away Keep Your Hair Headgear, LLC
Megan, SD (AKA: meganfae)

The surprise boxes were mostly filled w/ home decor w/ the exception of a tiny Tony Stewart coffee mug. My family had so much fun unboxing! Thanks!

meganfae: Winner, medium sized public photo
Surprise surprise Back Porch mystery prize Prizemojo
Tessa, OH (AKA: AllOfMyLoveTess)
Gourmet Holiday Dog Biskies Box Pawtastic Treats & Goodies
Chris, NJ (AKA: tehdiplomat)
Catch this game before it escapes! Wanderlink
Vincent, OH (AKA: Starlost)
IPhone 7 or 8 Ultra Protective Custom Phone Case By MOONDAZZLECASES.COM (email JPEG after winning) Moondazzle
Robert, IL (AKA: )
The Ultimate Sunglasses My Magical Book Store
Rachel, AR (AKA: MoonRaven22)
Jungle Sale Electronic Jungle
Matthew, SD (AKA: JuxtaPosed)

Never received the prize. I've waited for more than 30 days before posting. Still hasn't come.

1m French Terry UK Fashion Fabrics did not deliver the prize :(
Kevin, NC (AKA: trustydecoy)
Bluetooth headset give away! Shashatys Shop
ERIC, SD (AKA: ericm)


Soooo comfortable cotton jersey tank gown Prizemojo
Michael, CT (AKA: Jaidonkaia)

Very simple to acquire (even several months later) Thanks folks.

Unravel the mystery of Tacoma Wanderlink
Scott, OH (AKA: Cormacc)

Thank you very useful and colorful.

Giving Thanks for Your Business
Jo Naquin (Forfeit )
Hey giveaway 👀⭐️ revolution art
Melissa, SD (AKA: misgrn)

My 3 cats love it! It is small for 1 but the other 2 fit in it. One likes to drag it around. It is soft and has held up really well so far. Thanks!

misgrn: Winner, medium sized public photo
A crochet pet bed with many many uses Prizemojo
Jonathan, WA (AKA: quozl)
Souleye - Wildman Miles High Productions did not deliver the prize :(
Genevieve, NY (AKA: wmarcy)
FREE Cat Sticker Meow Cat Imports
Paul, WA (AKA: mrptfb)

Great cards! Thanks!!!

$100 Gift Card for A Playing Card Shopping Spree someone long forgotten...,
Daniel, Wa (AKA: Gadora)
FREE Rhinostone Hand Bead Mensluxuryaccessories did not deliver the prize :(
Annie, SD (AKA: HeftyAnn)
FREE Cat Product Meow Cat Imports
Matthew, SD (AKA: JuxtaPosed)
fun foot massage BazarInternet
Kaitlynn, OR (AKA: JuiceBox)

Thanks so much! The shoes came with no problems and they're pretty awesome up close. You guys are great. :)

JuiceBox: Winner, medium sized public photo
These (mens) boots were made for winning! Prizemojo
Matt, SD (AKA: mr.johnson)

Wife loves her new pajamas, is already checking out the Pajama Shoppe online to find more!

Introducing Women's Comfy Loungewear/Sleepwear by Retrospective! Pajama Shoppe
Jonathan, WA (AKA: quozl)
Cat Lovers Gift Signs by SalaGraphics
Lath, CA (AKA: Lath)
Doodle Duo! sedeara
Douglas, PA (AKA: dougw1234)

Shirts are awesome, feel great, just make sure they get your size right!

Wife. Mom. Boss Raglan Giveaway! Paislee Pop Designs
Jessica, ID (AKA: jessmurp)
Vitality and LIght Find Your Soul Truth
Michael, PA (AKA: MikeTV3708)

Having just returned from Florida, and taking my son to Disney, this morning, he adopted the watch as his own!

MikeTV3708: Winner, medium sized public photo
Do or Not Do. Try there is not. PrizeLord
GJ, MO (AKA: Elf_Ninja)
TODAY IS THE DAY FOR THE DUMBBELL BOTTLE GIVEAWAY Phils bargain did not deliver the prize :(
A. L., AR (AKA: A.L.)

Was received very quickly, and I am looking forward to reading my new book. Thanks!

It's All About Livin' Country And Bustin' A Gut! Back Porch Talkin Country Exchange
Stephanie, AL (AKA: Dearmanica)

This is so cool!! I love it!!

Dearmanica: Winner, medium sized public photo
Fabulous Customer Giveaway Mizzfab
Crystal, PR (AKA: Crystal Marie)
Squishy Phone Case FREE for iPhone, Galaxy Squishyphonecases
Ben, MI (AKA: bhputnam)

I didn't get the prize at all after several months. Asked about to the company itself, with no help. Don't buy their products, don't waste your time.

Everyone needs a watch!! LIONS TECH did not deliver the prize :(
Scott, OH (AKA: Cormacc)
Win a One of a Kind Custom Logo Design Package! Hyphenomenon
Tessa, OH (AKA: AllOfMyLoveTess)
Happy Friday Giveaway Crizzle Wholesale Accessories did not deliver the prize :(
Lawrene Francheska (Forfeit )
Win Free Audacity On Grace Stores
Han, MO (AKA: hsp4b)

The item was never shipped.

Summer Giveaway Audacity On Grace Stores did not deliver the prize :(
Sascha, TX (AKA: sascja)
Back to School Stress Relief Odebuy
Tessa, OH (AKA: AllOfMyLoveTess)
Free Keychain Power Bank giveaway Crizzle Wholesale Accessories did not deliver the prize :(
Melanie, Wi (AKA: gigabriggs)
End Of Summer Giveaway Crizzle Wholesale Accessories did not deliver the prize :(
Lacey, SD (AKA: sedeara)

The prize was bigger and higher quality than I expected! The hooks are a great for storage in my small house, and I love the classy yet rustic design.

sedeara: Winner, medium sized public photo
Message Folks The Old Fashion Way Back Porch Talkin Country Exchange
Jennifer, GA (AKA: Jennifer Maxwell)
Proud Dog Lover Decal Signs by SalaGraphics
Richard, TX (AKA: TxSam)
Help Keep Solicitors Away Signs by SalaGraphics
Ben, MI (AKA: bhputnam)
Post-Traumatic Election Disorder sedeara
Kathonika (Forfeit )
Squishy Cat Paw Blue Phone Case Giveaway Squishyphonecases
Lydia, PR (AKA: Smiley)

Hello again, unfortunately gave some more time but never received the prize.

Moondazzle's Personalized Cell Phone Case Giveaway Moondazzle did not deliver the prize :(
Russell, TX (AKA: feo2)
Help your baby shape up Great from Go!
Jinnifer, AL (AKA: Jinnifer Hulsey)

Absolutely beautiful.I have it still wrapped bc it's going to be a gift.Thank you.

Jinnifer Hulsey
Jinnifer Hulsey: Winner, medium sized public photo
Summer Necklace Shop at Sarah
Howell, MA (AKA: leedhowell)
Grand Opening giveaway Norbeck Company
Tera, AR (AKA: T85girl)
What's Cookin' My Magical Book Store
William, AZ (AKA: wmarcy)
You set your wine glass down and now you don't know which one is yours! Everre2
Travis, MN (AKA: neodawg)


Grand Opening PC Tool Sets
Jacki, KS (AKA: jacki.mabel)
Cool & Calm Coloring Prize Pack sedeara
Ben, MI (AKA: bhputnam)
Survive the Curse My Magical Book Store
Dwight, SD (AKA: KlenZade)
For the Alliance! (ahem, I mean Horde...) Noob Gear did not deliver the prize :(
Jessica, ID (AKA: jessmurp)

Great dice bag! We are excited to use it for our dice and other gaming tokens.

jessmurp: Winner, medium sized public photo
Transport Your Dice in Style! KalissaF
Laura, NJ (AKA: Laura)
Represent New Jersey! Paper Coat Paper Co. did not deliver the prize :(
Eugenie, MA (AKA: wizardewu)

I did not receive my prize.

Don't Eat The Tape! Paper Coat Paper Co. did not deliver the prize :(
Daniel, TX (AKA: Softmoron)
SAVE YUR BIKES!!!!!!!!!!! HR Tooling & Machine
Vincent, OH (AKA: Starlost)

The poster is quite nice!

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Art Print Paper Coat Paper Co.
Scott, OH (AKA: Cormacc)

Great Hammock! Thank you!

Take it Easy in a New Hammock Only Ambiance Youtube
Nancy, PA (AKA: GryphonCat)

I am late posting, was too busy enjoying the wonderful scents. The box was tied with a ribbon & a piece of chocolate - the perfect therapy partner! :)

Here's to your health!! Bagley Farm's
Katie, NJ (AKA: Kazdeya)

Arrived on time and so cool! I love it!

Roses are red, no wait purple, maybe blue? Wanderlink
Lauren, Ar (AKA: Loin)

I forgot to get a picture before sending them to a pair of young ladies that I thought would really want them. They did

Creative Girl Book Duo sedeara
Roy, CO (AKA: rwc)

Thanks for the prize! This is just what I needed to look under the couch or bed for things without needing to move furniture!

Waterproof Phone Endoscope sedeara
Travis, MN (AKA: neodawg)
SAVE YUR BIKES!!!!!!!!!!! HR Tooling & Machine
Patrick, NJ (AKA: PJS27)

Awesome product. Will be recommending to fellow riders.

SAVE YUR BIKES!!!!!!!!!!! HR Tooling & Machine
Patrick, NJ (AKA: PJS27)
SAVE YUR BIKES!!!!!!!!!!! HR Tooling & Machine
Laura, SD (AKA: earthdaisy)
Chance to Win Socially Conscious Hip-Hop artist, Souleye's 'Shapeshfiting' Album! MHP
Laura, SD (AKA: earthdaisy)
Chance to Win Angie and the Deserters' Records! MHP
Alexandra, TX (AKA: sascja)
Challenging Activity Book Giveaway sedeara
Tera, AR (AKA: T85girl)

The game got here fast and my family and friends have already enjoyed several hours playing it. I could not be happier! Love it!

T85girl: Winner, medium sized public photo
Fighting is best between close friends Wanderlink
Daniel, OR (AKA: thisguy)

Game arrived very fast within a day of shipping and looks like it plays very similar to the old PC version where death is almost inevitable.

thisguy: Winner, medium sized public photo
A (sort-of) family friendly way to contract dysentery Wanderlink
Carl, SD (AKA: Tweidle)

This by far the best $50 Amazon gift card a guy could ever hope for.

A Brand New $50 Amazon eGift Card! Prizemojo
Cassandra, GA (AKA: lilrebbitzen)
Pencil Holder with an attitude hrodd2
Nicholas, SD (AKA: 2clever4tehmojo)

Now I can listen to phat beats in case of emergency!

2clever4tehmojo: Winner, medium sized public photo
An Emergency Radio - Don't be Home Without It Only Ambiance Youtube
Steven, WI (AKA: papiklfish)

Got the game in good time and condition. Can't wait to try it out.

papiklfish: Winner, medium sized public photo
Play the Illuminati (Don't be Played by them) Only Ambiance Youtube
Lacey, SD (AKA: sedeara)

Got the prize yesterday -- almost 30 songs on the CDs total! I can't wait to listen.

Angie and the Deserters CD Prize Pack - You EP, Blood Like Wine EP, West of the Night-US ONLY Miles High Productions
Eugenie, MA (AKA: wizardewu)
Be Ready for Bad News -- First Aid Kit Only Ambiance Youtube
Bill, AZ (AKA: wmarcy)
Small block Chevy cover kit (Redux) HR Tooling & Machine
Laura, NJ (AKA: Laura)
LED Purse Light Only Ambiance Youtube
Siobhan, VT (AKA: Siobhan)
Plug and Play Sodoku Only Ambiance Youtube
Tom, NY (AKA: Velux)

Thanks, Prizemojo!

Mayday Ready Light Only Ambiance Youtube
Melissa, SD (AKA: misgrn)

Super cute. Perfect for the Sloth fan in my family! Thanks so much!

2017 Slot Calendar (Redux) sedeara
Kathryn, GA (AKA: frawg360)
Easy Peeler Only Ambiance Youtube
James, IL (AKA: LazarusLong)
Potato Gun Only Ambiance Youtube
Daniel, TX (AKA: Softmoron)

What's more fun than a barrel of monkeys? What? That was the obvious and obligatory joke? Counterpoint: Your face is the obvious and obligatory joke!

Monkeys In Barrel Only Ambiance Youtube
Jaymz, TX (AKA: wxactly)

This may sound hyperbolic, but this is literally the best baby rabbit puzzle that anyone has ever mailed to me. Ever.

Animal Planet 24 Piece Puzzle Only Ambiance Youtube
Nyxed (Forfeit )
2017 Sloth Calendar! sedeara
Bridgette, CO (AKA: Firstene)
Tool Band-it Wanderlink
Daniel, Wa (AKA: Gadora)


Steel Storm: Burning Retribution & DLC - Steam Code Nemz
Darren, MN (AKA: MrBond)
Shapes All Around DVD by Great from Go! Great from Go!
Ben, MI (AKA: bhputnam)
Spark plug caps HR Tooling & Machine
Jessica, ID (AKA: jessmurp)

I was super excited to win!

jessmurp: Winner, medium sized public photo
Shapes All Around DVD by Great from Go! Great from Go!
Diana, OH (AKA: Rainnefox)
Box of Romance Book Love sedeara
Patrick, IL (AKA: Ronnoco)

Love the prize! My friends all can't believe how I won. It came quickly and in great condition, I couldn't be happier.

Sport Memorabilia! Wanderlink
Richard, Tx (AKA: TxSam)

Arrived fast... thanks again

Dad's Build-able Mug Nostalgiamatic
Tera, AR (AKA: T85girl)

It was a great prize and I was very excited to see all of the good ole songs o grew up with! Very happy here! Thanks!

90s Nostalgia Country Music CD Pack (Redux) sedeara
atatsu (Forfeit )
Small block Chevy cover kit HR Tooling & Machine
Andrew, CT (AKA: Nemz)
LiEat Steam Gift Redux Colonel Sanders
Tyler, IL (AKA: TEffinG)
Just Get Through Steam Giveaway Colonel Sanders
Clayton, TX (AKA: Green Man)

Thank you for the prize .... a nice tool for pasta.

Green Man
Pasta La Vista! Wanderlink
Amanda, SD (AKA: avanaartsen)
cycle kick stand pad HR Tooling & Machine
Becca (Forfeit )
90s Nostalgia Country Music CD Pack sedeara
Kelly, MI (AKA: Kelpcoo)

Cute toys and a loofah. Just took a shower and used it. Never used one before and also I had no idea it is a fruit/vegetable. Thank you very much.

Plush Creatures Grab Bag squatch5000
Alexandra, TX (AKA: sascja)
sascja: Winner, medium sized public photo
Noveltea Snail Only Ambiance Youtube
Michelle, Wa (AKA: Chase)
Another Pokemon 20th Anniversary Mew Download Card Jaidonkaia
Tom, TN (AKA: Velux)
Hatoful Boyfriend Steam Gift Jaidonkaia
Nancy, PA (AKA: GryphonCat)

What? The Joker *might* have poisoned Gotham's water? No fear! With my partner SD Ag Labs, I can test for any adulterant, any time -- and for 10% off.

10% Off One Test at SD Ag Labs SD Ag Labs
Daniel, Tx (AKA: Softmoron)
intake cover HR Tooling & Machine
Eric, SD (AKA: ericm)
Rumpled: A Retelling of Rumpelstiltskin by Lacey Louwagie (Paperback) Lacey's Late-Night Editing
Jacey, OR (AKA: tapindancer)

Shipping was prompt. Thanks for the great cat art!!

Tip: Original Art is Always Cooler than Mass Manufactured Art! KrystlOCity
Ryan, VA (AKA: CyanRook)

Woo! 151 Karma to get Pokemon #151! One step closer to completing my pokedex after 20 years.

Pokemon 20th Anniversary Mew Card Jaidonkaia
SirLanternot (Forfeit )
LiEat Steam Gift Colonel Sanders
Daniel, tx (AKA: Softmoron)
Carb Cover HR Tooling & Machine
Michael, Ma (AKA: bluerabbit)
2 Wick Yankee Candle Firstene
Eric, MN (AKA: Elynner )
YEAH, TOAST! Jaidonkaia
Travis, MN (AKA: neodawg)

Thanks for the Post-Its.

Ten Post-it pads
Stephanie, AL (AKA: Dearmanica)

Thanks so much! I love it!

Don't Be Dumbo! Only Ambiance Youtube