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What is a man but a grown boy? What is a ship to a storm on the sea? What of the stars we miss through the day? The clocks melt away but the time slips in to stay, and all the while the envious children giggle in the street. Wishing, hoping, and wanting to enjoy the things you can see. Perception is gone but all still exists, and in the chaos and blackness all you can see is this: a hole. A hole in the black night. It shines brightly, but it grows larger and brighter. it engulfs your blackness into light and you are blinded by the purity of this hole. it is gone now, but all you can see is its presence. It still exists, but not here. Not for you. For others, yes, somewhere out there somebody is perceiving it for their first and final time. Your perception of it is gone though, try as it might to linger. You lose what it was. A hole. A star. A flash light. An illusion as your mind gradually adjusts to the once black existence you had. Where did it go? Where will it go after it has encountered every living creature? Will it continue on into infinity to other peoples, other places in the universe? Only time can tell. But you can't. Nobody can. Not anymore.


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  • Moondazzlecases.com with default profile picture

    Moondazzlecases.com - 12/10/2017 9:42 a.m. (direct link)

    Ohh man! You get it. No matter how old a dude gets, he's still in his twenties!!! I'm almost 48, feel and act 28! You nailed it with some cool products! (moondazzlecases.com)

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