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Ginger G

Just a woman with a cause. Trying to make it work. I love cats. Unfortunately, domestic cats are one of the most disregarded and abused species in existence. Maybe due to the rampant overpopulation. Between being sold for food in Asia, getting released homeless onto the streets of the world, being hoarded, and massive instances of being crippled and forced to bear a lifetime of pain by the cruel, barbaric practice of declawing, they just don't have an easy go of life in general. Unless they're among the lucky few adopted by responsible and loving families. In spite of having risen to the rank of most common housepet in the U.S., so many millions suffer in countless ways. If I can make but a small dent in the suffering of innocent cats, I will consider myself as having had a life well lived. For animals are the only truly innocent and voiceless beings among us.


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