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Cat Crazy/Ginger G.

Just a woman with a cause. Trying to make it work. My LOVE for Cats is the foundation for my website Cat Crazy.

Unfortunately, domestic cats are one of the most disregarded and abused species in existence. Due perhaps to the rampant overpopulation. Between being slaughtered and sold for food in Asia, getting released homeless onto the streets of the world, being hoarded, and massive instances of being crippled and forced to bear a lifetime of pain by the cruel, barbaric practice of DECLAWING, they just don't have an easy go of life in general. Unless they're among the lucky few adopted by truly responsible and loving families.

A portion of EVERY Cat Crazy sale is donated to City the Kitty, Inc. A small but vocal and vehement charitable organization dedicated to BANNING declaw surgeries in the U.S.A. and helping with the medical needs of cats that are suffering post declaw pain and complications. Via our website, we also connect with the "AdoptAPet.com" network. Visit our Adopt page, type in your zip code and you will be matched with available shelter cats or dogs in your local area! The Adopt page also shows the tally of our donations to City the Kitty, Inc. We look forward to doing Great Things.


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  • WeekendFuneral small organization profile picture

    WeekendFuneral - 05/02/2019 5:05 p.m. (direct link)

    Hi there Ginger - please email info@weekendfuneral.com with your size and address and we’ll ship right away! Congrats!

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