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Pike Creek Boutique

Hi there! Welcome to Pike Creek Boutique!!

We want you to think of Pike Creek Boutique as your friendly neighborhood gift and accessories shop! After all, that’s exactly who we are. We are your online neighbors, we are always friendly and our sole mission is to make you happy through quality and unique products!

Simply by browsing through our store, you will discover an extensive selection of products,including men’s and women’s accessories, apparel, gadgets as well as numerous gift options for those special occasions!

Having said that, we need you to know that the common denominator of all these products is pure and unadulterated quality. Back when we got started, we knew the only way to set our business apart from the hundreds or thousands of competitors was by focusing on quality.

The Customer Always Comes First

Pike Creek Boutique is definitely a family business since my wife and two daughters are frequently involved and I truly hope to involve them even further in the future. In fact, my grandson has also shown an interest in how we do things which means this business is going to stay in the family!

Since we ARE a family business, you will find that we seek to instill our family values into our company, aiming to treat every single customer as an integral part and an extension of our family and the community we have created so far.

More than that, we invite you to browse through our store and get in touch with us if you have ANY issues or questions regarding our products and we will move heaven and earth until all your questions are answered and your issues addressed.

Our Plans For The Future

Pike Creek Boutique has always been a customer-centric business and we plan on keeping it that way. Even though our commercial and financial status has much increased since we got started, we are still heavily focused on maintaining the values that have pushed us this far.

In fact, we are fully aware of the fact that our business would probably never have existed, if it wasn’t for the ceaseless support of our amazing customers.

That is exactly why we promise to always stand by your side–before AND after the sale –and provide you with quality products, always at reasonable prices!

Thank You For Choosing Us And Trusting In Our Core Values Of Quality, Family & Customer Satisfaction!

Mission Statement

Our mission and core values have remained constant since the very first day Pike Creek Boutique was born; to provide our customers with quality products that keep them happy, at prices that make them even happier! Since customer satisfaction is an integral part of our business, we will consider our mission a failure should a single customer is ever left dissatisfied with our products or services.


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