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Gemstone Collectors U.S. is currently an online-only Gemstone & Jewelry Store. We know that in today's modern age it's hard to find genuine jewelry. Many companies cut corners, however, we do not. Founded by a Graduate Gemologist, Gemstone Collectors U.S. strives to give you only Natural and Genuine Gemstones. We go straight to the sources and make sure that you have only the best natural Gemstones. We make the impossible possible.

When you order from us your piece is already coming certified by a graduate gemologist. This is the person you normally would take your gemstone or jewelry to after purchasing it. We take the guesswork out of buying Natural Gemstones and Jewelry so you always are confident in what you're buying. If we can make it happen we will. We are a hard-working team committed to always bringing you the best gemstones at the most affordable prices that you may find on the market today! If you aren't completely satisfied with your experience we will do anything we can to ensure you are. After you receive your piece take it to a local jewelry store and just ask them how much it would cost to have an exact copy. Don't tell them how much you paid and were sure that you will be shocked at the savings you got. Welcome to the Gemstone Collectors Family!


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