Giving and Winning

The life and times of a Prizemojo giveaway from creation to sponsorship: playing, winning, delivering the prize, and earning Karma.

  • The giveaway is created

    Anyone can create a giveaway or a prize idea that they want included in a giveaway.

    • Businesses such as content creators, developers, artists and store owners all use giveaways to promote their product, service or brand.
    • Individuals may simply have things they don't need and want to swap them for Karma.
  • The giveaway is published

    Publishing a giveaway makes it public and schedules a day for it to start. The publish can be canceled if something is wrong.

  • The giveaway begins

    Any individual can enter to win a giveaway with no strings attached and no purchase necessary.

    To help with the odds, each giveaway has a "pass" or "enter to win" option.

    • Passing will reward the participant with Karma as a way of saying thanks for giving others a chance.
    • Entering to win provides a free chance to win and the opportunity to increase your odds by spending previously earned Karma.
  • A winner is chosen!

    After a winner is selected, Prizemojo notifies the winner and sponsor and facilitates communication between them.

  • The sponsor delivers the prize

    Prizemojo provides simple communication and shipping tools to help the sponsor get the prize to the winner as quickly as possible. The winner can share optional prize feedback, such as fun quotes and photos, with the community. Delivery experiences contribute toward the sponsor's rating.

  • The sponsor earns all Karma spent on the giveaway

    If no issues with prize delivery were reported, all Karma spent on the giveaway is awarded to the sponsor. Otherwise, Karma is refunded back to each user who entered to win the giveaway. The amount refunded depends on the delivery problems involved.

Questions & Answers

Feel free to contact us if you can't find an answer to your question.

How do I participate in a giveaway?

Each time a giveaway is started, you may get a free chance to win by looking for the "Enter to Win" option and, if available, specifying how much of your available Karma should be spent on the contest.

What if I don't like what is being given away?

No problem! When the offered giveaway is not to your liking, look for the "Pass" option. By passing, Karma will be added to your Karma Bank. You can use this Karma to increase your odds on a giveaway you do like.

So... What is this "Karma" you speak of?

I'm glad you asked! In general Karma is earned by doing something nice for someone else on the site (like passing on a giveaway or delivering a prize). Accruing it gives you social cred and it's spent when you express a desire to get something from others.

What do participants do with Karma?

Each Karma point applied to a giveaway improves your odds of winning the item. Imagine a giant top hat filled with names. If you participate in the contest without applying any Karma, your name will be added once to the hat; However, if you apply 1 Karma, your name will be added twice. If you apply 2 Karma, your name will be added 3 times, and so on. The only limit to how much Karma you can apply to a contest is how much you have in your Karma Bank.

What does Karma mean to a business or organization?

Organizations can't enter to win. For them earning Karma is all about notoriety. To start, sponsor profiles are ranked by the amount of Karma they have earned. Additionally, organization profiles spend Karma when they run free ads on the Prizemojo home page.

I want to run a giveaway, any ideas for prizes?

Users can create and share prizes that they would like others to use in a giveaway. Check them out and if you still don't find something you like, create a giveaway with a brand new prize from any website you choose.

How does Prizemojo help with the prize delivery process?

OK so after a winner has been selected, the sponsor will be responsible for delivering the prize. Here is what happens on the site to help them get that accomplished.

  1. After a winner is selected, both the sponsor and winner are notified.
  2. A "Prize Delivery Status" page is made available and is private to the two of them. This allows the winner and sponsor to exchange details pertaining to the delivery of the prize such as the winner's shipping address, the sponsor's return address, general comments, shipping status and delivery information (e.g. A tracking number).
  3. A basic shipping label is generated for the sponsor. The label is intended to be printed on a typical sheet of printer paper and does not include postage or address checking.

Those are those main features right now. We also have more planned and are always open to suggestions.

How long does a giveaway run?

Each giveaway actually has two stages.

  1. The sponsor "publishes" the giveaway: An optimal start date is set and the remainder is counted down. A giveaway can be unpublished at any time before the giveaway has started.
  2. The giveaway begins: Participants are allowed to respond (pass or enter) for 24 hours. The sponsor cannot change the giveaway once it has started.

How long will it take for the winner to get the prize?

That entirely depends on the sponsor and the circumstances involved, but sweepstakes laws in many states require the prize, or something of equivalent value, to be delivered within 30 days of the winner claiming it.

What happens if someone wins but never claims the prize?

If the prize remains unclaimed, all Karma is refunded back to those who entered to win the giveaway and the sponsor's rating is unaffected. A new giveaway must be created to give the prize away again.

Can a giveaway have multiple winners?

Not at this time, but it may be something we consider in the future.

Is there a limit to the amount of Karma an account can have?


Are individuals allowed to have multiple accounts?

No, because that's cheating and certainly not cool. If you know of a cheater, please contact us about it directly.

How do I delete my account?

You can find an option to delete your account in your account settings, but be cautious: for your privacy, deleted accounts cannot be recovered.

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