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Giveaway: Unravel the mystery of Tacoma (Delivered)

Introducing Tacoma. Is it a game, an interactive movie or a bit of both? One thing is for sure, it will be far more gripping then the game's "Walking Simulator" genre implies. We highly recommend playing this some place comfy, with a steam controller, and a friend or loved one to bounce theories off of as you explore the ship.

The winner will need a (free) steam account for us to gift the prize to them.

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Prize: Tacoma (Computer Game)

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Estimated Value: $20.00

Prize is digital

Tacoma is a sci-fi narrative adventure from the creators of Gone Home. Set aboard a high-tech space station in the year 2088, explore every detail of how the station’s crew lived and worked, finding the clues that add up to a gripping story of trust, fear, and resolve in the face of disaster.

Works on Linux, Windows and Mac.

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Sponsor rating: 98/100

Giveaway Status: Winner Selected 11/27/2017

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