Congrats to JuiceBox, our lucky prize winner!!!

Men's Bloody Mess Leather Boots large, primary, image

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Giveaway: These (mens) boots were made for winning! (Delivered)

Having trouble spilling paint and/or blood on your boots in just the right way? We feel your, possibly literal, pain and have just the solution. A brand new pair of "Men's Bloody Mess Leather Boots"! (sorry ladies) If you win, just let us know the style and size you would like and we will drop ship a pair from our past sponsor, moondazzle. No guarantees but If the shipping spirits are with us we hope to get it to the winner before Halloween!

Men's Bloody Mess Leather Boots small, other image

Prize: Men's Bloody Mess Leather Boots

Estimated Value: $69.99

Perfect for your next Zombie Walk!

Sponsored by: Prizemojo Prizemojo

Sponsor rating: 95/100

Giveaway Status: Winner Selected 10/14/2017

Prizemojo has received up to 1565 karma for delivering the prize!

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