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Giveaway: The Best Decade EVER. Don't @me... (Delivered)

Win a totally 90s inspired phone case for iPhone or Samsung - BEFORE it hits our Phone Garb shop!

Why this giveaway is awesome:

  • You have a phone
  • You love the 90s

Totally Bangin' Hella 90's Phone Case! small, other image

Prize: Totally Bangin' Hella 90's Phone Case!

Estimated Value: $36.99

Oh the 90s - a decade that possessed a sense of happiness. Now you can own a piece of it - whether you lived through it or not - via this sweet phone case before it goes live on Phone Garb!!

We're offering on case and will ask the winner what kind of phone (iPhone or Samsung)

Consolation Prize: Buy 1 item, Get 1 item at 30% off

Anyone who enters but doesn't win the Totally Bangin' Hella 90's Phone Case! will receive a code to unlock the discount.

Sponsored by: Phone Garb Phone Garb

Sponsor rating: 100/100

Giveaway Status: Winner Selected 11/05/2018

Phone Garb has received up to 106 karma for delivering the prize!

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