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Giveaway: SAVE YUR BIKES!!!!!!!!!!! (Delivered)

Gentlemen! Ladies! Fellow Bikers! Spring is here! I can hear the motors revving already! You need kick stand pads to keep that expensive HOG from falling over in the hot asphalt, or the grass at the about the sand at the beach???? Whats that? you have a foreign made crotch rocket? Well, no fears, this pad is ambidextrous, it works for all brands, both foreign and domestic, ya see.

These are for YOU!!!

Made from 100% recycled plastic (friendly to the environment ya know) (and saves me money makin em)

With a hole to tie to your waist, or to your bike so you never lose em!!!!!!!!

Made in the good ol USA!!!!!!!!!!!

I could say more but I am out of breath. RIDE on!!

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Prize: cycle kick stand pad

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Estimated Value: $4.00

Hey, bikers! Keep that expensive Harley (or whatever) from falling over under the heat of hot sun on asphalt or soggy grass at the campground! Made from 100% recycled plastic and indestructible this pad is for YOU. Has a hole for you to tie attach a cord so it is always handy and close by when you need it! made in USA!

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