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Giveaway: Manila: The original board game

We first acquired this (used) copy of Manila, a classic river boat transportation board game, from a small town thrift store. After deciding to offer it as a giveaway on Prizemojo we discovered that it is actually a rare copy that is no longer in production! Specifically...

The boats are real wood!

That's right, after Rio Grande Games sold the rights to Zoch Verlag, the board game was manufactured with lower quality components, most notably the boats in the version manufactured today are cardboard. We are giving away the original, higher quality, Rio Grande Games version here. Valued between 2-6 times the current manufactured version, depending on where you look.

All that said, it's used, and a fun board game, so you should play it! Best of luck on this giveaway and may your future jade, ginseng, silk and nutmeg shipments find Manila safely.

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Prize: Rio Grande Games Manila

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In a distant land, many years ago there rose a great and wealthy city. Its name, now forgotten by most, was Hermagor. Commerce was the source of its richness, because from all its territory men, artisans, and adventurers brought to the city all kinds of merchandise to sell there: weapons, ancient books, precious relics, and the rare dragon eggs. In this city, one can buy and exchange almost everything. This made Hermagor famous and merchants can from far and wide to buy and sell all kinds of goods at the market, some even undertook perilous adventures to acquire especially rare items. They criss-crossed this wealthy region, creating new paths and roads, adding markets to towns, but always with the aim to become wealthy.

  • 3 to 5 player game
  • 60 minuts to play
  • Pre-historic tribal hunters
  • Strategy game
  • Economic challenge

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Start time : 04/08 1 p.m. (America/Chicago)

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