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Giveaway: le la (Forfeit)


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Prize: le labo

Available on melon-donate.myshopify.com

Estimated Value: $10.00


Sponsored by: Melon-donate

Sponsor rating: None yet

Giveaway Status: Prize Forfeit: The winner did not claim the prize (by providing their delivery information) within 2 weeks.

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  • JollyEddie small profile picture

    JollyEddie - 03/19/2020 6:49 a.m. (direct link)


    Yeah sometimes stores will run a giveway and open the store part way through. Clearly that didn't happen here.

  • A.L. with default profile picture

    A.L. - 03/18/2020 5:11 p.m. (direct link)

    Hey, boss dudes, don't think this is an actual legit giveaway...

  • Colonel Sanders small profile picture

    Colonel Sanders - 03/18/2020 9 a.m. (direct link)


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