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Fist TRUMP Pin Buttons (1") large, primary, image

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Giveaway: Grand opening

We just opened our store! Come get amazing anti-Trump merch and help contribute to great causes!

Fist TRUMP Pin Buttons (1") small, other image Fist TRUMP Pin Buttons (1") small, other image

Prize: Fist TRUMP Pin Buttons (1")

Estimated Value: $5.85

Our metal pin buttons are lightweight, durable and have a strong safety pin for extra security. Whether you've got a fundraiser, a fun event or just want to add a unique accessory to your outfit, these metal pins are perfect. Pin a few on your leather jacket or your backpack for that extra cool touch. Grab yours today!.: 2 sizes.: Safety pin backing.: Made in USA

Sponsored by: Triumph Design

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Giveaway Status: Winner Selected 10/28/2019

Triumph Design will get up to 16 karma for delivering the prize!

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