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Giveaway: Free Shot (Delivered)

Summer is quickly approaching! These shot glasses are great for any purpose. Including Toothpick holders and such. Indestructible and BPA Free. What are you waiting for!?

RIP Volcano - Shot Glass (Single) small, other image

Prize: RIP Volcano - Shot Glass (Single)

Estimated Value: $10.00

This is the twin to the RIP cup. In a fun sized shot glass form! Still pretty sweet! This shot is an amazing Silicone shot by the one and only SiliPint! (1.5oz Shot Glass) This cup is reusable and BPA free. 

Consolation Prize: $5.00 off $15.00 or more

Anyone who enters but doesn't win the RIP Volcano - Shot Glass (Single) will receive a code to unlock the discount.

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Giveaway Status: Winner Selected 04/14/2019

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