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Giveaway: Fighting is best between close friends (Delivered)

There are a number of problems with most super fights...

  1. Those involved rarely even know each other (impersonal).
  2. Lots of dodging, punching, high flying kicks (exhausting).
  3. Ill timed: Alcohol can be consumed before but, usually, not during the fighting.

If these are frustrations you encounter in your own super fights, you should probably talk to your doctor and... maybe the police. Perhaps a psychiatrist. In the meantime you can also try winning a copy of this SUPERFIGHT card game! Lots of well-timed, high-energy, low-sweat, fun with friends and 100% on us (Wanderlink).

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Prize: SUPERFIGHT Card Battle

Available on

Estimated Value: $30.00

  • Combine character and attribute cards to make ridiculous fights and argue over who would win
  • 160 character cards like: Zombie, child beauty pageant queen, and George
  • 340 power and weakness cards like: Inside a giant hamster ball, uses the force, and swinging a shark on a chain

Sponsored by: Wanderlink Wanderlink

Sponsor rating: 98/100

Giveaway Status: Winner Selected 04/27/2017

Wanderlink has received up to 1365 karma for delivering the prize!

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