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Giveaway: Dreamwell but don't get trapped! (Again) (Delivered)

In celebration of the winner forfeiting (and us not having to purchase) the prize in our first Dreamwell giveaway we have decided to give it another go! Here is the same giveaway description again because that was comedy gold!

A very fun, and quite eerie game of rescuing children trapped in their own dreams.

To quote Action Phase Games:

In a place outside the waking world where children go while they sleep. Wander the dreamkin—lost sleepers, whose souls this land seeks to keep. Underneath the gentle waves of lucid seas we fell. We’re off to find our missing friends in the vast Dreamwell.


Playing Dreamwell of course, enjoy!

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Prize: Dreamwell

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Estimated Value: $20.00

Dreamwell is a 2 to 4 player competitive game featuring the art of Tara McPherson where players are trying to locate their lost friends in the Dreamwell. Only by carefully navigating the maze-like Dreamwell can you locate your friends and win the game.

  • 30 minute play time
  • 2-4 Players

Sponsored by: Wanderlink Wanderlink

Sponsor rating: 98/100

Giveaway Status: Winner Selected 05/29/2019

Wanderlink has received up to 9409 karma for delivering the prize!

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