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Giveaway: Dos Rios board game (It's a rescue...) (Delivered)

Behold! A guaranteed-used, but fully intact, copy of Dos Rios: Valley of Two Rivers!

What's that? Did you expect this game to be new? Pfft... unused board games are like buying a new pair of 90s-style jeans without holes or faded fabric -- quite practical but wildly unfashionable.

Also consider where this game would be without a lucky winner. Sure, it might end up played by board game enthusiasts... but not necessarily! It could have just as easily been thrown out, neglected as it collected dust on a shelf, or even thrown across the room (abused) by someone with no patience for learning complex rules!

Now is your chance to score one for fashion, heroism or just a fun game. Best of luck!

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Prize: Dos Rios: Valley of Two Rivers

Estimated Value: $49.00

Two mighty rivers wind their way down from the mountains. The fields through which they flow are fruitful, bringing wealth to their owners. Harvest fields with campesinos, gathering riches to build homes and create a prosperous estate. The rivers are the life blood of the land. With skillful placement of dams, you can alter the course of the rivers and bring prosperity to your land. That which was dry will now produce, that which was productive may now be barren.

The one who best controls the rivers will control the valley, for the flow of the river carries fortune's tide.

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Giveaway Status: Winner Selected 01/27/2018

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