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Giveaway: Clear Silicone Wine Cup (Delivered)

Summer is quickly approaching us yet again and you do not want to be trapped without a good drink at the pool. This ingenious design and material allows the cup to be indestructible under any circumstance. It is in fact BPA free and also dishwasher safe. Make sure to visit us at and get in on our emails where we also give away some special codes for even more savings.

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Prize: Clear Silicone Wine Cup

Available on

Estimated Value: $9.00

This is the indestructible wine cup. Made of silicone instead of glass it surely is a fan favorite. BPA Free and reusable. Pairs well with the travel lid.

Consolation Prize: Half off either color of our wineglasses valid to use with or without the lid.

Anyone who enters but doesn't win the Clear Silicone Wine Cup will receive a code to unlock the discount.

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