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Win a free 30 serving Heracles Pre-Workout Powder. Shipping is free and you pick the flavor!

Heracles Pre-Workout (Honeydew Watermelon) small, other image Heracles Pre-Workout (Honeydew Watermelon) small, other image Heracles Pre-Workout (Honeydew Watermelon) small, other image Heracles Pre-Workout (Honeydew Watermelon) small, other image

Prize: Heracles Pre-Workout (Honeydew Watermelon)

Estimated Value: $34.99

Description: Heracles is a complex and powerful pre-workout formula that is aimed to transform workouts to Olympic status. Designed and dosed properly to aid you in channeling that much needed extra energy and mental focus into every set. Push yourself to the limit and reap the rewards of a leaner, more powerful body.


Improves mental focus and blood circulation Aids in building lean muscle and burning fat Boosts muscle endurance and reduces body fatigue

 Key Ingredient Breakdown:

Beta Alanine - enhances workout capacity and anaerobic endurance. Increases carnosine in muscles and muscle growth.

Caffeine - increased energy and metabolism. Improved physical performance.

Dicreatine Malate -increased energy levels and boosting nitric oxide levels in the blood.

L-Arginine Alpha - contributes to muscle growth.Promotes endurance , blood circulation and muscle conditioning

Calcium - allows for higher quality muscular contraction and arginine pairing for muscle pumps.

Vitamin B Complex - maintain adequate energy levels during workouts.

Magnesium - boosts levels of free testosterone ,improves bone strength and integrity, supports heart health.

Potassium - regulates fluid balance and muscle contractions.

Sodium - balances fluids in the body.

Energy/Endurance/Focus Matrix - boosts muscle endurance and reduces body fatigue. Increases cognitive function and mental clarity to focus on workouts. Extra energy boost to push through goals and PR/PB.

Consolation Prize: 10% off

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