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Green Pet Bed - Perfect for Cats or Small Dogs! large, primary, image

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Giveaway: A crochet pet bed with many many uses (Delivered)

Hand made from KalissaF's Etsy Shop, not only does this bed look amazingly comfortable for a cat or small dog but it may also work as a stylish hat for that Dogue de Bordeaux in your life. Or perhaps, like every other container in your home, it could primarily be used to hold "stuff". It has been stated in many reputable journals that "stuff" was a crucial building block in the formation of our galaxy. So whether you are looking for a Dogue de Bordeaux hat, a place to put your world building components or, more practically, a pet bed you have come to the right place.

Green Pet Bed - Perfect for Cats or Small Dogs! small, other image

Prize: Green Pet Bed - Perfect for Cats or Small Dogs!

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Estimated Value: $25.00

A unique hand made crochet pet bed.

Colors go from dark green on the inside to light green on the outside.

Perfect for cats or small dogs.

About 10 inches across, 3 inches tall.

100% acrylic yarn. Machine Washable.

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Sponsor rating: 95/100

Giveaway Status: Winner Selected 11/12/2017

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  • misgrn with default profile picture

    misgrn - 11/15/2017 7:12 p.m. (direct link)

    Got it today. They LOVE it! Thanks again!

  • AllOfMyLoveTess small profile picture

    AllOfMyLoveTess - 11/11/2017 4:41 p.m. (direct link)

    It's so cute! I wish my kitties weren't the size of a compact car LOL

  • earthdaisy with default profile picture

    earthdaisy - 11/11/2017 4:37 p.m. (direct link)

    The kitties have been waiting for this giveaway to start since the first day they saw it on the prize list! Yay!

  • geektastic small profile picture

    geektastic - 11/11/2017 3:04 p.m. (direct link)

    My kitties would love this! <3

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