What the heck is a Prizemojo? Part 1

Let me start out by saying thanks to everyone who has signed up to beta test Prizemojo. The number of responses and quality of feedback has been absolutely inspiring to us (btw, if you haven't signed up yet, go here and do it)!

...Now, down to business...

You may have asked yourself,

"What the heck is a Prizemojo?"

Perhaps you've already heard that Prizemojo is dedicated to providing direct rewards for kindness and goodwill through a marketplace of prizes in the form of gifts from individuals and organizations to the community. But what does that mean? Well, that's what I'll cover in the next few blog posts.

The posts in this series will be broken down as follows:

  • Part 1
    • Things as it is - Explains the mercurial nature of our beta features and why this matters.
    • Why are we here? - Describes what users will get out of using Prizemojo
    • Karma and its uses - Provides an overview of what Prizemojo karma is used for and how it is acquired.
  • Part 2
    • Giveaways - Information about how giveaways are posted
      • Who? - Talks about who might post a giveaway.
      • Why? - Covers why various actors might post a giveaway
    • Prizemojo Sponsors - $$
    • Reflections on a sustainable mojo - Ideas about keeping Prizemojo afloat for the long haul.

Things as it is

It will reduce cortisol levels on planet Earth if you keep in mind that, while our vision for Prizemojo is clear (we're creating Prizemojo to provide direct rewards for kindness and goodwill [...]), the tactics we employ to that end may change. Therefore, any specific Prizemojo features that I cover are subject to change.

Indeed, based on the your feedback, development brainstorming, and other factors, we hope to come up with ever-better ways to do things. So, if you have new ideas or brilliant suggestions that you think would improve the user experience or viability of the project, please let us know in the comments or directly!

Finally, during the Alpha and Beta testing phases of the project, don't expect perfection. You should expect to find some bugs here and there. When you do encounter them, we want to hear about it! Use our painless bug reporting form, or just email them to support@prizemojo.com.

With that bit of procedural business out of the way, let's get into the more interesting bits...

Why are we here?

Why are you here? I don't know. But if you're here because you want a fun way to try and win a diverse selection of prizes in a safe, spam-free-scam-free environment from a proven leader in online sweepstakes, you're in the right place.

Similarly, if you're here because you want to set up giveaways to promote your blog, website, or business, you've found probably the best place in the inter-sphere for that as well.

And since you're in on the beta test, you're probably after perks and up to date information about how this will all come together as well.

So, if that's why you're here, stay tuned. My immediate objective is to fill you in on how this all works (er... will work).

Karma and its uses

Back when we started coppergoose.com, one of the things that set us apart from other giveaway sites was our Karma system. We gave things away every day, but if whatever we were giving away didn't float your boat, we would give you a "credit" (which we called Karma) for not entering to win it. This made the game more fun and more relevant, and we've taken that idea to a new level in Prizemojo.

Just like coppergoose.com, you will be able to use karma on Prizemojo for additional entries into giveaways of your choosing. Karma is also used to provide a virtual cost for advertising and other business activities that could have any negative impact on user experience if they were left unchecked. We have other uses planned in future iterations as well, but what I want you to take away is that Karma will remain one important tool for keeping the Prizemojo giveaways balanced and relevant.

There are at least two ways you can get Karma on Prizemojo:

  1. Passing on a Giveaway
  2. Creating a giveaway of your own

With Prizemojo, when a giveaway is posted, you will be given the option to enter to win the item, or pass. But unlike Coppergoose.com, the amount of karma you will receive by passing will change in real time depending on the popularity of the giveaway. This means that if the item you are "passing" on is highly popular when you pass, you will receive more Karma than if you pass on a giveaway that is less popular. It's every bit as much fun as playing those other oft-talked about markets, only it's free!

An interesting new way you can receive karma with Prizemojo is by sponsoring a successful giveaway of your own. We have some fancy features in the works that will give users an intuitive process to create and fulfill a giveaway. Assuming your giveaway is successful, once the winner has confirmed receipt of the prize, you will receive half (or more) of the karma entered into it. Paydirt!

Since Prizemojo supports unlimited simultaneous giveaways, we expect this system to ensure constant activity on the site with a strong incentive for user-sponsored giveaways to be for desirable items. Afterall, experience has shown that hobo picnic sets never get the level of karmic input that something like a new laptop does!

PS: if you miss the coppergoose daily giveaway model, don't fret. The Prizemojo staff will be sponsoring giveaways as well--but we'll be sponsering giveaway as well through the same interface that users like you will have access to!

Well, that's it for Part I of this series. Feel free to provide feedback below and come back soon because part 2 is not far behind.

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