Sponsorship and Organizations and Comments, Oh My!

A handful of new features have been added to Prizemojo since our last update, including giveaway sponsorships, organizations, and various comment-related features.

Giveaway sponsorship

If you have seen some of the wonderful giveaways that have been submitted on Prizemojo, you may be wondering how they are going to turn into active giveaways with real prizes attached.

Giveaway sponsorship is the next step in that process. It is now possible to sponsor any giveaway, including your own.

To sponsor a giveaway, simply head over to the giveaway's page and follow the 'Offer to Sponsor' link. Or, if it's your own giveaway, follow the "Become Sponsor" link.

Offer to sponsor

If the request is approved, ownership of the giveaway transfers to the new sponsor. This allows them to edit, moderate, and "launch" the giveaway.

Why sponsor a giveaway?

All giveaways are fueled by ideas from submitters and the generosity of a sponsor. For sponsors, that generosity is repaid in both recognition and the karma spent on the giveaway, which the sponsor can in turn spend on someone else's giveaway.

Plus, it's just fun to see excitement form around your ideas and gifts to the community!


We have also added support for organizations. On Prizemojo, an organization is not an individual but rather an entity that a group of users can create and sponsor giveaways through. Additionally, the karma spent on an organization's giveaway goes to that organization, not an individual user. Organizations can't spend karma on giveaways like people can, but organizational karma will have other uses -- the details of which are still to come.

You can find this new feature through the "Organizations" link under your account menu.

Organizations Link

Why create an organization?

A Prizemojo organization allows a business, blog, or cause to run a giveaway using an organization profile, which works to foster a presence and reputation with the community and to drive traffic back to the organization's site.

One example is giving away a prize related to your nitch. So when respondents wonder where they can get that really cool candle or book they just spent 40 karma on, your organization's profile page will have a handy link ready for them.

More comment-ish stuff

A lot of other little -- or big, depending on how important they are to you -- features that are worth a mention:

  • User profile pages can now be commented on
  • Organization profile pages also have comments
  • Profile owners are notified when someone comments on their profile.
  • The same goes for comments on a giveaway you own.
  • User or oganization profile and giveaway descriptions can be more then just plain text.

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