Putting the prize in Prizemojo!

OK, so there have always been prizes on the site. They were just lumped in with every giveaway. Well, no more! Now prizes can be created with or without a giveaway and can be published for other users to use in their own giveaways.

New prizes section: Neato!

Prize? Break it down for me, fellas

With the new and improved way we handle prizes, you've got a place (the prize) to assemble all of the nitty-gritty details about a prize that can be given away, including name, description, images, detail link, and more.

Wait, why would I want to create a prize without a giveaway?

  1. You found something really cool and want a chance to win it. So you create & publish it as a prize in hopes that a sponsor will use it in a giveaway.
  2. You have your own store and want to create Prizemojo prizes for each of your products in hopes that someone wanting to run a giveaway will buy the product from your site.
  3. You have a lot of one type of prize that you want to create multiple giveaways for and you don't want to re-enter the same details each time.

Oh and giveaways have improved too!

  • Descriptions: Since prizes have their own descriptions, the giveaway description need not be cluttered with prize details -- which leaves more room for silly and time wasting giveaway banter!
  • Less steps: Create, Publish, Sponsor, Launch, Deliver

What happened to the giveaway I suggested?!

No worries, since every giveaway is a sponsored prize now we went ahead and converted the "Seeking sponsor" giveaways into prizes. You can find them all under "Prizes->My Prizes." Please let us know if we missed anything!

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