New Theme; Beta Countdown Scheme!

Great News! We've got a new theme and a lot of new features... but can you guess what's even more exciting? Spoiler alert--Beta Launch! Yes, it's true. We've started the countdown to the beta release. That means a fully functional beta with live giveaways will begin once the countdown is complete.

Participating in the beta has benefits beyond the chance to win prizes. For starters, just for helping us out, you will receive bonus Karma, an exclusive "Beta Fish" badge... and a chance to get a head start on accumulating Karma points (these will carry over to the production site when it's ready for prime time)!

So what is the Beta launch? The beta launch means PrizeMojo is fully functional, but needs to be reviewed by you before it's ready for prime time. The primary goal of the beta is to work out any bugs and to make sure the user workflow is easy follow. There will be live giveaways during Beta, and as mentioned above, you will be able to sponsor and launch your own giveaways. However, once the site is in production, we expect the number of giveaways to increase as we grow our base of sponsors. If you have questions -- just ask in the comments below!

Here are a few of the other obvious changes you will notice. First, you may have noticed we've got our mascot, Prizemoji, on the site. If you see him, say "hello." Prizemoji has enough appendages to help manage all of the interactions that take place on Prizemoji also needed a proper habitat so next time you visit us, you will see we've updated the theme to make him feel right at home. We hope you will feel at home as well.

Since beta is about to begin, we have finally enabled the Launch feature which means you can sponsor and actually launch a giveaway right now, today! The giveaway will be scheduled by our fancy algorithms to go live after the beta launch date.

So, why not submit a giveaway, invite potential sponsors and friends to sign up for the beta -- and get ready for some winning!

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