New dashboard and support for prizes

A dashboard for current and upcoming things

Introducing your all-new 1962 Plymouth Fury site dashboard!

new prizemojo dashboard

The idea behind this dashboard is to get you into parts of the site as quickly as possible. At the moment, you will mainly see new mentions, comments and site updates. Occasionally, you may see some of our simulated giveaways as well.

You can find the dashboard by clicking the Prizemojo banner or 'Dashboard' link under your user name.

The First Bank of Karmic Transactions and Trust

A new Karma Bank page with several, err, one convenient location that allows you to view a history of how your Karma has changed over time.

karma bank

Not much to see with the karma bank until your Karma starts changing, but the page can be found from the dashboard or the 'Karma Bank' link under your user name.

A laundry list of behind-the-scenes items

Although these were actually the most significant changes, it is not (yet) possible to show them off. But here is a list that our engineer wrote down!

  • Navigation improvements for multiple simultaneous giveaways
  • Giveaway completion and winner determination
  • Prize-claim features
  • Prize-delivery features
  • Shipment details
  • Prize delivery feedback
  • Prize quotes and photos
  • A simple sponsor rating system
  • Karma award mechanism for sponsors after prize delivery
  • Karma refunds for unclaimed prizes
  • Karma refunds for prizes that don't arrive as expected

All Comments (2)

  • JollyEddie small profile picture

    JollyEddie - 11/19/2015 6:54 p.m. (direct link)


    @booomington Thanks! All kinds of work has gone into the simultaneous giveaways concept including the navigation surrounding it. Glad to see that you like the dashboard as much as we do. Emojis would be nice. :) I added that idea to our backlog.

  • Ereves small profile picture

    Ereves - 11/11/2015 9:26 a.m. (direct link)

    Loving the dashboard and how the prizes present themselves, and I like that you guys are thinking about simultaneous giveaways, seems like a great idea. Keep up the good work guys. PS: some emoji's for the comments section wouldn't be so bad either. It's definitely not a must, but it can be an improvement.

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