Let the (beta) Games Begin!!

After wayyyy too long the beta of the once named "Coppergoose Secret Project" is finally upon us.

Beta or not, you best prepare yourself as real prizes and real Karma points will be hitting the site on Monday. Yeah, like tomorrow.

We have already added the "beta fish" badge to each person's profile, as well as awarding starting and bonus Karma to each person's Karma Bank. So everyone will have complete freedom to hold back or go "all in" on even the first prize.

So, how is Prizemojo different from Coppergoose anyway? Well, the core is the same. "Free stuff, with no strings attached." In many respects, Prizemojo is kind of like Coppergoose v2--but also quite different in some interesting ways.

  1. Prizemojo has an octopus running the show instead of a goose. Don't worry they are still friends.
  2. Anyone can create a giveaway.
  3. Anyone can sponsor a giveaway. Including their own or a giveaway someone else created. Sponsors get all of the Karma spent on a giveaway.
  4. There can be more than one giveaway active at a time. 1000 even, who knows, we're crazy!
  5. The amount of Karma you get for passing fluctuates depending on how generally desirable the giveaway is at that moment.
  6. Multiple people can sponsor a giveaway together using an organization. Though organizations use Karma for notoriety and not for winning.

There are hundreds of little smaller differences here and there but those are the big ones. The rest is largely the same.

As always, good luck!

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  • Colonel Sanders small profile picture

    Colonel Sanders - 05/09/2016 5:51 p.m. (direct link)

    Time to make a giveaway of everything on Vsauce's Lut: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xD8lk7jNczw

  • mikequad with default profile picture

    mikequad - 05/09/2016 2:55 a.m. (direct link)

    @jollyeddie i called him Octomojo ... I noticed you guys havent named him yet so i figured we gotta call him something until he gets officially named ... Octomoji just sounds like an emoji made of octopi hahahaha plus it fits in with the name of the site haha

  • JollyEddie small profile picture

    JollyEddie - 05/08/2016 5:14 p.m. (direct link)


    Thanks @mikequad and @nemz. It has been a long time and we are all looking forward to the beta. We have some more big plans for the project between the beta and official launch but getting the prizes flying has certainly been the biggest lift. Hmm.. "Ocotomoji" huh? Nice nickname, it does have a ring to it... @jaidonkaia Nice catch, it (and another one) should be corrected now. Should have ran it past the editor. "Their" everywhere!

  • mikequad with default profile picture

    mikequad - 05/08/2016 4:12 p.m. (direct link)

    I think the octomojo is better than the goose because it can "juggle" multiple giveaways and the goose laid one prize a day ... Awesome work guys thank you so much i hope your karma never stops growing!!

  • Nemz small profile picture

    Nemz - 05/08/2016 8:38 a.m. (direct link)

    It's been so long! Really glad you have stuck with the project and look forward to seeing it finally up and running!

  • Jaidonkaia small profile picture

    Jaidonkaia - 05/08/2016 7:16 a.m. (direct link)

    FYI there's a spelling error in #4. There not their.

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