Improving Giveaways with Consolation Prizes

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We’ve just released a new feature that is a win-win for participants and sponsors: Consolation Discount Codes.

  • For sponsors, this feature makes Prizemojo even better at converting prospects to customers.
  • For participants, it makes giveaways more rewarding.

Sponsor Benefits

  1. More interest: A discount to the sponsor or product’s store may be even more valuable to a participant than the prize itself.
  2. More views: Participants may be more likely to share your giveaway with friends if it includes a nice discount code.
  3. More sales: Thanks to reciprocity, a participant who is awarded a consolation prize is more likely to check out your store or product.

How does it work?

  1. The consolation prize description is listed alongside the prize.
  2. After the prize winner is selected, the consolation prize (your discount code) is awarded to all entrants who did not win.
  3. The discount code is then revealed to the entrants for use at your store.

Tips: If possible we suggest providing a discount code that is specific to the giveaway. Allowing you to more easily attribute sales.

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