Boost Your Youtube Subscribers with PrizeMojo

Giveaways are a great way to promote your Youtube channel, and with Prizemojo and some simple tips, you will get an even bigger boost out of your giveaway.

Detailed instructions follow, but if you'd rather skip the details and get straight to work, click the button below!

Create a Giveaway

So, You'd Like the Details, eh?

Before you can get started with Prizemojo giveaways, you'll want to create a Prizemojo Organization account. It's easy and free so see Promote Your Business with Prizemojo, our first post in this series if you're not sure how to do that.

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Get Engagement

The best way to get value from your giveaway is to get your existing users engaged. Here is a simple engagement strategy that you can draw from and adapt to your specific giveaway.

  1. Create Your Giveaway - Give some thought to what kind of giveaway your audience would be interested in. Connect it directly to your channel or content, if possible (e.g., if you do makeup vlogs, how about a cosmetic pack? If you review movies, maybe movie collectibles or gift certificate would be just the ticket). Get as creative as you like!
  2. Publish Your Prize - Once you have your giveaway created, go ahead and publish the prize for it! This allows you to build excitement before you actually kick off the giveaway countdown (more on that in a second).
  3. Set a Goal - and share it with your audience. Whether it is after you post your 1000th video, reach 5th subscriber, or hit 500,000 views, the shared goal gives both you and your audience something to work towards and look forward to.
  4. Launch! - You've finally met your goal. Time for liftoff! Since your giveaway is already published, you simply need to configure the giveaway countdown and launch it! Don't forget to link to the giveaway and build excitement by announcing to your audience that the giveaway is about to start.
  5. Finish Strong - Once the giveaway is finished, remember to thank your audience and ship promptly. Feel free to add any promotional goodies you want to when you ship the item.

Congratulations! You've run a smashing success of a giveaway. The great news is that in addition to building up your audience, you have also brought your Youtube channel to the attention of the entire Prizemojo audience.

Now, why not set a goal and get ready for another giveaway? It's completely free to use Prizemojo, afterall...

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