Badges, Prize Value and a directory for finding


Participants are now able to earn badges through effort, circumstance, or luck. These badges will be listed on your profile page, and also under the "Badges" tab. These cool new badges come in 2 flavors...

  1. Exclusive badges are earned through chance or circumstance.
  2. Completion Badges are earned through activity on the site.

Sample completion badges

In general, completion badges can be earned through skill and effort, whereas exclusive badges are earned by being at the right place at the right time.

A note on the Gooser badge

Some of you may have seen a (somewhat broken) email land in your inbox about earning a "Gooser" badge. This badge is earned by having signed up for the "Top Secret Project" (listed on and having that same email address associated with your Prizemojo account.

If you did not receive this badge, but did sign up for Prizemojo back when it was called "The Top Secret Project", double check your account settings to make sure that the email address you used for the top secret project is tied to your account. It does not have to be the primary one. If you still have trouble, feel free to contact us privately so we can take a look.

Estimated prize value

When editing a giveaway, you now have the ability to provide an "Estimated Prize Value" (in dollars). This field has two purposes:

  1. To give users an idea of the monetary value of the prize.
  2. To protect sponsors from running giveaways that are worth $600 or more. Prizemojo does not currently support sponsored giveaways valued at over $600 because prizes valued over this threshold introduce additional reporting rules. We want to do what we can to help sponsors stay in compliance of those regulations before we permit them to post higher value giveaways (OBLIGATORY DISCLAIMER: This is a pre-launch feature announcement and we do not yet support giveaways. You'll want to refer to our terms and conditions, not to mention your local laws, when we go live with giveaways before you sponsor anything).

Remember that anyone can submit a giveaway, so please, have fun with it!

The Directory

It's now easier to find things that want to be found such as participants (with public profiles), organizations, giveaways or site updates. They are all at your fingertips in the directory.

Great, what's it for again?

Since any item you might find in the directory supports comments, it can be a great way to find and communicate with people, organizations and content owners publicly.

Happy testing!

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