Mascot polls and finishing touches

Poll Update: We have created a third poll based on the responses we got from the originals. We would love to see your feedback!

We are …

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New dashboard and support for prizes

A dashboard for current and upcoming things

Introducing your all-new 1962 Plymouth Fury site dashboard!

new prizemojo dashboard

The idea behind this dashboard is to get you into parts …

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Time, regions and active giveaways

Timezones and accepted regions

You may have noticed a prompt asking you to pick your timezone. OMGYGCATZY (OMG You Gotta Choose a Timezone, yo) because it …

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Badges, Prize Value and a directory for finding


Participants are now able to earn badges through effort, circumstance, or luck. These badges will be listed on your profile page, and also under …

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Finishing touches on organizations

In our last update we talked about a new feature that allowed users to create organization profiles on Prizemojo.

"On Prizemojo, an organization is not an …

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Sponsorship and Organizations and Comments, Oh My!

A handful of new features have been added to Prizemojo since our last update, including giveaway sponsorships, organizations, and various comment-related features.

Giveaway sponsorship

If you …

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Kapow-Create Giveaways

If you're wondering why you haven't heard anything from your pals at Prizemojo lately, I'll tell you. I'm slow on the status posts, that's why!

Yes, …

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Alert! This Just In: Notifications!

Yes, for those who have been wondering, we are (and have been) putting the finishing touches on several features for Prizemojo. The batch of features we're …

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What the heck is a Prizemojo? Part 1

Let me start out by saying thanks to everyone who has signed up to beta test Prizemojo. The number of responses and quality of feedback has …

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Making your content sing

Prizemojo supports a limited form of markdown syntax for all item descriptions, such as giveaway and profile pages.

Markdown? What?

Long story short, if you type …

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Sign up to be a Beta Tester!

For the past few months, we've been working on some behind-the-scenes tasks to get Prizemojo ready for beta signups.

We still have a bit of …

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